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Township Documents


Spalding Township Recreation Plan 2022-2026

Blight Ordinance

Park Rules

Park Fees

Cemetery Rules & Price List


Land Value Study and the Land Value Guide Downloads:

The ECF files are specific to each individual Townships. The information being provided is as specified in PA 660 which is the basis being used by the Equalization Director; nothing more; nothing less. PA 660 states: “…..provide taxpayers online access to information regarding its assessment services, including, but not limited to, parcel information, land value studies and documentation, and economic condition factors.”

Land Value Guide

Vacant Land Study

Economic Condition Factors Spalding Township

Economic Condition Factors Daggett Township

Economic Condition Factors Lake Township

Economic Condition Factors Stephenson Township

Economic Condition Factors Faithorn Township

Economic Condition Factors Holmes Township

Economic Condition Factors Mellen Township

Economic Condition Factors Meyer Township

Menominee 003-006-009-011 Land Values 2023-1

Menominee 003-006-009-011 Land Values 2023-2


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